American Teardrop Falcon

4.5x9 Full

The ATD Falcon gives you a teardrop trailer in a compact layout at an affordable price The  Full bed and the unique design gives you the comforts you have come to expect. But light enough to be towed by any 4 cyl car

American Teardrop Falcon

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Specifications 2020 Falcon
Size 4.5x9
Weight 728#
Tongue Weight 70#
Hatch Storage Capacity 17.5cuft
Bed Size 54x75
Inside Length 81
Inside Floor Size 54x75
Cabin Length Exterior 108
Overall Length 138
Cabin Width 56
Overall Width 74
Cabin Height 48
Inside Cabin Height 45
Overall Height 67
Galley Counter Height 38
Galley Hatch Height 78
Frame Ground Clearance 15
Tires 205/75/14
Rims 14 Steel
Rev Moons
Ball Size 2"
Electrical Hook Up 4 Wire Flat
Brakes Optional
Tongue Rack Optional
Spare Tire Optional