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Offroad Trailers

American Teardrops are available with the durable offroad and Baja pkg

American Teardrop Trailers

American Teardrops are built in USA by Proud Americans

The Classic Teardrop

The classic trailer with classic style.

Custom Teardrops

American Teardrop Trailers are all built to order.

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Gallery Pictures

We now have a photo gallery to help you see yourself in this life style. The gallery will be ever changing to introduce you to to the world of Teardrop Camping. Here you will find pictures of construction, finished trailers and Happy Customers.

Available Options and Pricing


See how you can customize your American Teardrop to meet your needs.

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Rental Program


American Teardrops are now available for rent at our factory in Auburn CA. This is a great way to try an American teardrop on for size!


American Teardrop Trailers are featured in the April issue of Trailer Life. Click on picture to read the full story


Trailer Life April 2015

Everything about Travel Trailers and How To RV from Trailer Life Magazine

by Kristopher Bunker
March 31, 2015
Filed under Reviews, Top Stories, Trailer Reviews, Trailers


These towables may be small in size, but they’re big on livability


Although I don’t make it a habit to heed the words of cinematic puppets, the adage “size matters not” from the wise old Jedi Master, Yoda, is true in many ways, and is especially apt when it comes to the towable RV market. Sure, it’s nice to own a 45-foot-long, 13-foot-tall tricked-out toy hauler that can accommodate you and the rest of the neighborhood, but it’s probably not necessary and, in many cases, not practical. It all depends on what is important to you, your family and/or your RVing group.

Sometimes, a smaller, easy-to-maneuver trailer is all that’s needed to enjoy your favorite outdoor recreation. Getting off the grid means just that, and an electric fire­place, washer/dryer and, in some cases, indoor plumbing, are all luxuries that many RVers can do without. Indeed, “living large” can be more a state of mind than a literal translation, so a departure from the standard 30-foot hard-sided travel trailer may be in order for some RVers.

American Teardrop Campers

We’ve all seen teardrop trailers heading down the highway, often towed by classic cars or perhaps even a Harley-Davidson. american-teardrop-1But you don’t need to be a collector of big-dollar tow vehicles to enjoy the benefits of what American Teardrop Campers (ATC) owner Bud Hausman calls “a lifestyle, not an RV.” ATC offers a variety of teardrops, including the popular 5.1- x 9-foot Merlin shown here. The trailers are a great way to bring along the essentials wherever you go, and include plenty of storage room and a place to sleep out of the elements. Options are seemingly endless and include a mattress, an air conditioner, AM/FM/CD/DVD player, 12-volt DC solar charger, sink module and even tent attachments for dressing or living space. ATC offers custom graphics and paint schemes to match your tow vehicle (check with the manufacturer for availability) so you can be comfortable and stylish.


American Teardrop Campers

It’s for those folks that we’ve selected a number of outside-the-box towables, which run the gamut from tent-trailer extensions to teardrops to more compact units that contain exactly what you need to enhance your RVing experience. Did we mention that they often come in at a fraction of the price of their behemoth brethren? How about the fact that they are likely towable by one of the vehicles already parked in your driveway?

Now that we really have your attention, check out the following pages to learn more about these little big trailers. To once again paraphrase the lovable green guy of Star Wars fame, these towables cannot simply be judged by their size.

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