American Teardrop Builds Custom Trailers at an Affordable Price

American Teardrop has been able to lower the price of the teardrop camper, teardrop trailer and caravan by using automated production techniques and eliminating the distributer and dealer mark up. Our modern assembly facility makes it possible for us to lower our price while using only the highest quality parts giving you the features you expect.

All American Teardrops are available direct sales only and can be seen at our factory in Auburn, CA

If you wish to see an American Teardrop Trailer up close and personal call us and set up an appointment. To make an appointment to see an American Teardrop Camper call us at 530-710-2838

6 products found in American Teardrop Trailers

2021 Harrier 6X10
  • From $13,295.00

Sold out

2020 Hawk 4.5x9
  • $9,295.00

2021 Osprey (3.5/4.5/5x7)
  • From $6,250.00

2021 Falcon 4.5x9
  • From $10,295.00

2021 Merlin 5x9
  • From $11,295.00

2021 Eagle 5x10
  • From $12,295.00